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All puppies have now found their own families!!
Kaikilla pennuilla on nyt koti!!


It seems that we have STILL a nice bitchpuppy looking for her own home. She is born 15.8.2014.

Pentumme hinta on 900euroa.

Kyllä, pentumme ovat rekisteröidyt, eläinlääkärin tarkistamat, hoito-ohjeet sekä starttipaketti seuraavat pentua uuteen kotiin.
Pennunomistajat liitetään sekä Labradorinnoutajakerho ry:n että Suomen Noutajakoirajärjestön pentuejäseniksi.

Pennut ovat tutustuneet riistaan ja elävät perheemme parissa emänsä, isänsä sekä parin muun sukutaulusta löytyvän "fossiilin" kanssa.

AIDOSTI JA REHELLISESTI KIINNOSTUNEET, puhelinnumeroni on 040-5468195/ Pia.



Today puppies got their names with microchips. Also our Vet checked them, so they are ready for their new homes when the age will be suitable.

The boys are Countrylove's Be My Valentine, My Love, Lover Boy and Lover's Song and the girls are Countrylove's Lady Love, Love Song, Blueberry Love, Sound Of Love and Love For Lunch.

Musta narttupentu valmiina omaan kotiin, kunhan sopiva koti löytyy :-).

Hi! I'm ready for my own home, when the right home is available:


Very nice ones: chocolate male pyppy and black bitch pyppy are still looking for their own home. Take a look at Puppies-page.


We have fresh puppy photos taken today by Nina. The kids are 5 weeks old now.
Here are some of them:


Babies are now 4 weeks old and these two pictures we manage to get before the battery of camera went to sleep.
better pictures later.

Susan, the chocolate is yours ;-)!


The first touch with brand new toys.

This sister is surely sick, all green and spots!?!? Checking her ear, if she is still alive :-D!

Finally I have got also new genetest result for my FI Ch Naiken Xavier:
HNPK Clear !!

Thank you Jackie and Becci for this handsome fellow!!


Our puppies are growing fast.
Soon families will come to see them, but to ease the looooooong time while waiting: here they are.

Rush hour in milk bar!!!

Hello world! We have had our eyes open for few days now :-).

Isn't there any privacy what comes to our dinnertime???


Our genetest results had been posted to my vet instead of me, so the results have been sailing for awhile.
But here they are, so far missing only one, and one has been tested yesterday:

Countrylove's Sing Loud Sing Proud, the mother of our newborn babies:
tested following three tests:
EIC Clear
PRA Clear
HNPK Clear

Countrylove's Say Cheese Please, tested PRA and EIC:
EIC Clear
PRA Carrier

Middle River's Kiss To Countryloves, tested PRA, EIC and HNPK:
PRA Clear
HNPK Clear
EIC Carrier

Have to say that very happy with the results.
We can EASILY live with these results and use pretty much what ever male we want!!!


Our lovely and lively gang at the age of one week :-).



Lyyti with some of her puppies after the job was done:-).

Finally there are lovely puppies at Countrylove's.
Nakke, FI CH Naiken Xavier, and Lyyti, Countrylove's Sing Proud Sing Loud got their black and chocolate offspring and we are happy to tell that there are some puppies available :-).
More information on Puppies-page.


Some nice tracking results again!

At Eurajoki Onni-boy, Countrylove's Wedding Singer, made his second start in blood tracking and gained 2nd time 1st prize in open class!
Now it is time to move to the winner's class....
Wonderful :-).

At the same time elsewhere two brownies: Ch Countrylove's Queen O'Diamonds "Kiti" and Countrylove's Sound of Silence "Rauha" used their noses too.
Kiti gained, once again, 1st price in winner class and was 2nd best dog in this competition (18 dogs). CONGRATULATIONS Maikki and Kiti!!

Rauha started well her tracking but owner was wise enough to stop tracking in totally impossible landscape. Also the judge of the test had agreed that none of the dogs would have succeeded that track.
Why it was even made??

Sometimes I wonder ,as a showperson, that why these "forest events" are just like wild west what comes to following rules?
Still the competitors pay same amount of money for the track or what ever as handlers who enter dogs to the dog shows.
At shows you are followed by so many eyes that there is almoust impossible to do anything rambling.
If you do, someone will surely find it out.
BUT in the forest you can expect what ever.... All is matter of honesty.
Dare I hope to think that trackmakers do their job as they would want their dogs to be treated???


Kiiminki Group Show

Wonderful show day with labradors and field spaniels.
Happy to follow the finals since labrador breeder's group was BIS and my BOB labrador was Group 3rd at the end of the day.

Thank you for the show committee as well as the handlers for the most relaxed athmosphere. Also to my collegue Saara my sincere thanks for the ride!


Germany, Hoisdorf
GRC Specialty

I have been so lucky to see wonderful labradors in many countries by the judging appointments.
The visit to Germany made no exception.
I saw some truly lovely specimens in the breed and I'm sure the winners will do nicely also in the future.

I want to thank the show committee for the greatest of hospitality!
It was truly lovely in every possible ways. Likewise my thanks for the breeders who show their gems to me, the athmosphere was really nice.

Thanks and good luck to each and everyone in the future!


Flat Coated Retriever !!!!!

Our Rauni is now officially healthy girl:
Hips BB, elbows 00, eyes ok!
Thank you Maarit for this lively blond :-D!


! CC-winner nro 15 in Countrylove's breedings (home and abroad) !

Countrylove's Wild Bill
( Heybern's Rhumba Jumps- Countrylove's Piece Of Cake) visited Kokkola Int. Show and was best Male 3rd with CC and Res-Cacib (will change to the CACIB)!!
This made my day :-). Super!!
It was Pico's and Elise's 2nd time in the show ring, I'm so proud of you two! Keep on going, you'll never know what will happen:-).

The judge was Mrs.Lidija Oklescen, Slovakia
and here is the critique and the photo:

" Excellent size and body proportions, exc shape of head, slightly stronger, dry and strong neck, correct topline, correct angulations. Enough deep chest, parallel legs, correct set and carriage of the tail.
Correct coat quality, well balanced movement"

Pico is litter brother to C's Wizard Of Oz and C's Wet'N'Working.
Needless to say that this trio has made me happy and proud that I got four years ago priviledge to use Heybern Rhumba Jumps to my co-owned Countrylove's Pice Of Cake, who sadly died last year.
Thank You Angeline for this!!
We got six boys, no girls, but these boys keep the flag flying high!

Tracking tests of hurted moose, judge Mr. Asko Kukkola

Rauha aka Countrylove's Sound Of Silence continued her good work in the tracking world.
She got Monday VAHI1 (successful tracking of hurted moose 1,6 kilometers).
On Tuesday again tracked well to the end but her handler didn't success in her part so third time they went to the woods on Wednesday and gained 2nd and the last needed VAHI1 result. All days the weather was tropical hot.
AWESOME!!!! Wohoooooo!
These two VAHI1's are needed when focused on FTCH-title(
moose tracking).  
Now they are on their way, hopefully oneday will make the final test for it.

AGAIN: as a breeder I'm so proud of this 2 year old Rauha ( Countrylove's Wet'N'Working- Countrylove's Sound Of Music)!

Blood tracking, judge Mr. Asko Kukkola

What a day with our breedings Countrylove's Sound Of Silence and Fin&No TrCh, FtCh(moose tracking) Countrylove's Queen O'Diamonds!!!!!!!

Both girls gained 1st prize from winner's class!!! Sound Of Silence with 47/50 points and Kiti with 49/50 points.

I have to say that I'm honoured with owners like Maikki, who has energy to work with her dogs. Surely good noses help also ;-).

Sound Of Silence alias Rauha is now one 1st prize away from FI TR CH-title. Fingers crossed for that!!!


Oliver's C.I.E title has been confirmed!!!

C.I.E MultiWinner Penrose Oscar Delta

Blood tracking, Sastamala

Countrylove's Wedding Singer aka Onni has started his tracking carreer with super result!
By the very first attempt he took 1st prize in open class with his young handler Anna.
Points were 45/50.
We are soooooooooooo proud of you!

Onni is the litterbrother to Sound Of Silence, mentioned below :-). The proud parents are Countrylove's Wet'N'Working and Countrylove's Sound Of Music.

Blood tracking

Countrylove's Sound Of Silence, Rauha, had her first start this year and what a wonderful result: winner's class 1st price!!!!! Two more for Championship title ;-). She is now 2 years old.
Congratulations Maikki and Rauha!


Labrador Specialty at Harjavalta with the judges Mr. Gary Johnson and Mr. Shaun Williamson:

First I want to thank Hanna for handling our team's dogs, while I was not able.
I'm very proud of my crown jewels, no matter what, loved to see them moving sooooooo well, for me it is very important. Usually not possible when showing them myself.
In all it was a nice day with good friends.

With these dogs we supported this show:

Countrylove's Peter Pan 2nd in male puppies 7-9 months (Proud of this boy!)

Middle River's Kiss To Countryloves 4th in junior bitches (23 entries)

Countrylove's Wizard Of Oz 2nd (vg) in working class

Countrylove's Natural vg in open males

Nipntuck Happy Days 4th in veteran males

Brookhill's Mezzomondo 2nd (vg) in veteran bitches

Countrylove's Say Cheese Please vg in open bitches
Countrylove's Wedding Singer g in open males.


Happy waiting change to sadness...
Only one male puppy, dead.


Puppies, puppies, puppies..... In the beginning of June we are expecting Nakke&Britt puppies to be born :-).


What a wonderful day with nice news from here and there:-).

Fin&No TrCh, Fin FT-Moose TrCh Countrylove's Queen O'Diamonds has started her tracking season with two 1st prices in winner class with points 48 and 47.
Congartulations Maikki and Kiti!! The breeder is sooo proud of you two.

While Kiti used her nose in the woods, I drove to Lahti for participating to the judging exam of kooikerhondje. The exam went well and I'm happy to add new breed to my FCI judging list!! Wonderful breed indeed.

So happy! Driving three hours back home was no at all long with these nice results :-). At some point I started to wonder how on earth it is so dark, it was late night... Well, after taking sun glasses away, somehow the darkness disappeared :-D. Hmmmmm, maybe it really was time to go to the bed.


What would be better way to spend a day than with a friend in the dog show?
Well, there are many other nice things as well BUT we (Leena and me) still went to Laitila Group Show. That is a lovely local show with very nice athmosphere. So friendly parking man let us drive our car straight to the doors to take things in and out. SUPER!

The dogs involved were Tuure (Countrylove's Wizard Of Oz) and Rauni (Middle River's Kiss To Countryloves).
So Mr. Muscles and Miss Airhead were showed.

Here are pictures of them taken yesterday after the show with results:

working class exc1 without ccq

jun exc1 ccq, bb-3, res-cc

It was slightly surprising that Airhead did so well and Mr. Muscles not, but this the salt/vinegar and acid of the game. You'll never know and should ever expect.
Just hoping Miss Airhead to develope her head both out- and inside :-D.

Thank you Leena for your friendship and your good work with Tuure!
Sincerity is not very common anymore.

After the show we took these lovely pics and then was time to say goodbye to Leena&Tuure and prepare for the evening.
We went to our neighbour Emma and her lovely daughters for dinner.
Juicy lam, venison and delicious sallads escorted with nice red wine....
It was soooooo good and sooooooo nice.

We will miss you!



FI CH Naiken Xavier today

We visited Odorosas-labradors to meet Nakke's puppies.
They were lovely!
It is superb to get new photo of Nakke, so sincere thanks to Anu for photo session!!!


We may have puppies in the beginning of June :-).
Take a look at the puppies-page and feel free to contact us, if you got interested.

There is love in the air between our Britt and Nakke....


Middle River's Kiss To Countrylove's "Rauni" pictured with her trade mark: non-stop wagging tail.
Thank you Jaana for showing this active young girl.
Rauni is 10,5 months in this picture.


Bus trip to the dog shows held at Vilnius, Lithuania with my chessie gave us NEW CHAMPION to our gang!!!!
May I present

HeJW-11 HEW-11 JW-11 W-11
Baltic Winner-12 HeW-12, LTW-14
C.I.E ( waiting for FCI confirmation)
Penrose Oscar Delta

picture @ Mari Pohjola

Oliver gained first day BOB, CACIB, Lithuanian Winner-2014 and was picked in final six at group competetion. WOW!
Breed was judged by Mr. Luis Pinto Texeira.
The greatest thing in this nice success was that his CACIB made him C.I.E, International Show Champion!
We are soooooo proud of our boy.
Many thanks to his breeder!

On Sunday Oliver got BOB and CACIB as well. Nothing extra at group ring this time. This time the breed judge was Mr. Dusko Piljevic.

Many thanks to my hilarious travel mates as well as Finnish retriever gang by the ring side, WE HAD SUPER TIME!! Warm thanks to Mari Pohjola and Pia Takkunen for Oliver's pictures.
Congrats to all other new C.I.Es and Winners!
Surely this weekend is remembered for a long time :-).


Countrylove's Wet'N'working has some truly nice puppies at kennel Nerocas.
Feel free to contact the breeder Mrs. Maria Rauhala +358-45-2695810.


Parkano Group Show, labradors changed to Mrs. Tiina Illukka ( Caballus).

Tuure ( C's Wizard Of Oz) Working class exc3rd

Rauni ( Middle River's Kiss To Countrylove's) very good in juniorclass, aged 9 months and few days.

Here is her critique:
" Strongly built, body well developed. Head is not fully developed, I would like to see more stop and stronger muzzle. Beautiful neck and topline, good underline. Good angulations.
Moves with nice step lenght. Shows well."

Thanks Leena for your company. We ate well and did some shoppings on our way home in pure daylight :-).


When cows do fly, then I will have nice results what comes to the official xrays.
Well, here they now are:
Old Woman On The Loose BB 00
Say Cheese Please CC 00.
These are not really bad ones, but it is about principle.


Today we visited Vet Kari Ventelä's office.
Three dogs were xrayed from hips and elbows: C's Old Woman On The Loose, C's Say Cheese Please and C's Wedding Singer.
The digital photos showed lovely results and we hope they will come as they are from FKC.
Thank you to all involved!!!


It hurts SO MUCH! My dear old Vesse ( about 14 years) killed by Oliver in our own garden.
You were all man can hope from a friend!


We have nice youngster joined to our team: Rauni.
Her mom is littersister to Rosanan Countryrose that I got from famous Rosanan kennel as her father was our Naiken Xavier. How ever sweet little Countryrose died tragically as a puppy.
So, we are more than happy to have little of those lines back again, hopefully with better luck this time.

In January we well xray two co-owned young bitches, so fingers crossed for nice news later this month.

Also I hope to feel magical moments in the ring as the judge again. Time will tell....


Greetings from our whole gang!
These are our new homepages and many thanks to Maarit at Middle River's for all the work she has done for these pages.
Time to teach me to use computer is surely as rewarding as try to teach a pig to use satellites :-).
Anyway, here we go!


During the year 2013 I had priviledge to judge in several countries:
Denmark (Copenhagen Winner-2013)
Estonia (Retriever Specialty & all breed show, Narva)
Ireland (Tralee & District Show all breed show)
Norway ( Retriver Specialty, Trondheim)

Not forgetting nice shows in Finland and lovely end for the year and the super weekend for me:
Nordic Winner-13 and Finnish Winner-13 Shows held in Helsinki before Christmas.

My sincere thanks to all show committees and contact persons for trusting me, as well as lovely ring personal that I have worked with.
It has been true honour!
I have seen some SO typical dogs in all breeds I have had chance to judge.

In some rings I have got tears in my eyes while seeing so lovely dogs enjoying their days.
At Copehagen Winner-13 was one black lady with a grey leg, she had cancer. What a stunning performance she did, a true fighter. Hope all the best for her!
Also very emotional moment was at Finnish Winner 2013 while labrador veteran ladies came into the ring. Some moments I felt that there were no dry eyes on the handlers either.
Those owners should and must be very proud of their gems! Keep on doing good work with your oldies.


Life outside judging has been hectic, started new practical nurse- studies.
Only one litter was born ( in September), but those three puppies are truly nice ones.
Own dogs were entered to the shows only two or thre times during the year.
Thank God Leena entered her Tuure, Countrylove's Wizard Of Oz to some shows, so our flag kept flying!
As well they gained in FT-B clould games beginners class 1st prize.
On blood tracking two chocolate girls Fi&N TrCh, FI FTCH (moose tracking) Countrylove's Queen O'Damonds and Countrylove's Sound Of Silence did very well!
It is wonderful to see breedings success in different hobbies, but the main thing is that the dog is loved familymember! I want thank each and everyone of our puppy owners and wish you all lovely new Year 2014!

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